Taking care of our planet, of our environment is the priority responsibility of all of us. Creating everyday conscious habits, conscious production, conscious consumption is a new long-term trend. 

Change is at our core. 

Shop conscious. Be conscious. 

eco-friendly swimwear



For our swimwear collection we use two types of fabric that are 100% sustainable.


Developed by Italian company Aquafil and launched in 2011, ECONYL© yarn is 100% regenerated nylon made from nylon waste otherwise polluting the Earth, like fishing nets. carpet flooring and industrial plastic rescued from all over the world. 

It has the potential to be recycled, recreated and remoulded again and again. It can be broken down and recreated into new materials repeatedly, diverting waste from landfills and offering significant reductions in CO2 emissions. 

The fabric made with ECONYL© nylon is a long-lasting, stretchy, waterproof material, and it's thought that cool hand-washing these pieces can help reduce the shedding of micro-plastics and chemicals, and will also make a vibrant colors last longer. 

Comfortable, water-proof and stylish swimwear, but 100% sustainable.

Make a small step for conscious consumption and saving our planet. 





Fibers are made from 100% recycled materials, including post-consumer plastic bottles. They are also certified and traceable.
Compared to virgin fiber,

REPREVE© helps to offset the use of petroleum, emitting fewer greenhouse gases and conserving water and energy in the process.

When you see this symbol on the label, remember: It's the inside, that makes a difference. REPREVE© makes it sustainable. You make it happen.
sustainable swimwear
sustainable consumption